Questions to ask about frying recipes

There are a lot of chicken breast recipes with different flavors and when you try them then you will see that most of the ingredients are same with few different ingredients to add or exclude from the other recipes. You will get different taste with just few changes but you need to follow the recipe exactly in order to get the best taste from that. You can also try the crispy fried chicken when you crave for something fried but there are a few different questions which you need to ask before you try any fried recipe and here are these questions:

How much time should be given while frying? While talking about chicken you may know that it will get cooked in a very minimum time and there is no need to fry that for an hour. When you marinate that with lemon juice or vinegar then it will get tender and the frying time will reduced further. Once you add chicken pieces to the oil then you have e to take care of it and watch closely until the skill will get golden brown. Do not over fry that otherwise it will get too hard to chew or it may get burned due to over frying.

What should be the temperature? Temperature will be another important thing to take care of because if the temperature of oil is too low then your chicken will suck a lot of oil and become unhealthy for you to consume also it will take a lot of time to fry, on the other hand if you fry in too high temperature then you will burn your chicken and all the efforts will be gone. To get the best fried chicken you need to have it fried on 300 degree or a bit more. You can have a thermometer to check the temperature or you can have that checked by adding smaller piece to the pan. Another way is that you can place your hand above the pan and feel the temperature and you will get to know when the oil is ready to put chicken in that but these methods are not so authentic and the best way to get a thermometer as it is only a one time investment and it will go a long way with you to help you fry.